Benefits of Chocolate for the Eye


Dark Chocolate eye healthThere are many health benefits of dark chocolate that we may know, it could actually even make our eye vision sharper and could increase brainpower. Besides that, dark chocolate are also quite powerful to control cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

These latest findings are the result of research on 30 men and women aged 18-25 years old, which was done by the University of Reading, UK.

The respondents were tested for vision and ability to think several hours after eating a chocolate bar with an ordinary siz. They were tested twice, the first after eating dark chocolate and the second after eating white chocolate.

The flavanol content (a type of antioxidant) of the two chocolate is what differentiate the result. And the result shows that dark chocolate has more flavanol content than white chocolate. This finding also reinforce the fact that levels of flavanols in cocoa can increase blood flow to the brain.

The results of this research also opens up speculation that dark chocolate can also increase blood flow to the retina so that it can sharpen eyesight. It is reported to be even more powerful than carrots that has been well known to be efficacious for the eye.