Benefits of Having Eggs for Breakfast

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egg breakfast good for dietFor those who are trying too loose weight, it is very important to have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Choosing eggs as a breakfast menu gives more benefits for those who are in a diet program. Eating eggs for breakfast every day reduce hunger and decrease calorie intake at lunch and even through out the day.

Recent studies by experts at the University of Connecticut states that men who eat eggs for breakfast get fewer calorie intake when served with a variety of lunch menus. A different thing was showed by men who ate bagels rich in carbohydrate which has the same calories as eggs.

The study result, which was published in the latest edition of the Nutrition Research journal, supports previous research which states that eggs for breakfast is one way in diet to limit calories.

Those who are overweight are able to cut 65 percent of its weight after doing this diet and they are more energetic than those who chose bagels.

“More and more evidence supports the importance of high quality protein for health in general and in particular protein at breakfast. We tested two kinds of American breakfasts, and reports of participants about their assessment showed that the protein-rich breakfast can delay hunger,” said Dr. Maria Luz Fernandez, study author and professor of the Department of Nutrition Sciences, University of Connecticut.

“Starting the day with a breakfast of high-quality protein such as eggs are a great way to maintain a sense of fullness and reduce calorie intake. With only 70 calories, an egg is a dense foods and a high-quality protein source. And about half of the protein in eggs with a variety of nutrients they contain , found in egg yolk. Therefore, I always recommend to eat eggs with yolk, “said Helenbeth Reynolds, a diet and nutrition consultant.

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