Benefits of Having Small Breasts

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Small Breasts benefitsYou have a small sized breast? Do not take it as a deficiency. With small breast size, you can get a number of advantages.

Consider these six benefits of having small breasts:

1. Avoid back pain
Women who have large breasts tend to be often affected by back pain. That’s because the backbone supporting the breasts gets too much weight. For those who have small breasts, they are rarely affected by this problem.

2. Easier to breastfeed
Several studies have shown that breast-feeding are more difficult if breast size is too large. This is because finding a comfortable position when nursing is somewhat difficult. Then, if the nipple size is too large, it will be difficult to enter the mouth of the newborns which are still very small.

3. Fewer stretchmarks
During pregnancy, the breasts will stretch to accommodate breastfeeding. Then, when they no longer produce milk, the breasts will return to normal size and leave scars in the form of brownish lines. Large breasted women will have more marks than small breasted woman.

4. Rarely blisters or rash
Large breasted women are often exposed to  blisters and rashes problems on their breast. Usually due to skin friction which often happens due to large breast size. For those with small breasts, they are rarely affected by this problem.

5. Easier to exercise
With the size of small breasts, you are more comfortable when running without feeling ‘burdened’ with  breast motion. You will also be more comfortable in doing other exercises.

6. More diverse choice of bra
The owner of a small breast can easily choose the type of bra they want. While women who have large breasts, are a bit difficult to find a bra or underwear that fits and comfort. If available they are also usually quite expensive.

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