Benefits of Low-Fat Chocolate Milk


chocolate milk after workoutWhen feeling tired after an exercise, you definitely want to drink a fresh and cold beverage. One beverage which most people prefer to drink is isotonic drinks. However, a study from the University of Texas revealed that the ideal beverage consumed after exercise is chocolate milk.

“But, choose low-fat ones. Chocolate Milk effectively boost the power that is depleted,” says Head of Research Dr. John Ivy, according to the Daily Mail. “Better than other beverages that contain high carbohydrates.”

Ivy and his team compared the body condition of the athletes after they train hard. What types of beverage is most effective to restore the condition of the body, whether it is chocolate milk or isotonic drinks.

They examined 10 cyclists who trained for 90 minutes. Apparently, athletes who drank low-fat chocolate milk are more powerful than those who drank isotonic drinks.

The research team also tested 32 amateur cyclists made ??up of men and women. For four weeks, they were asked to practice with different beverages, namely water, isotonic drinks, and low-fat chocolate milk.

The researchers then found that respondents who drank chocolate milk are more powerful than respondents with other beverages. In addition, they also receive the maximum oxygen intake. With the high amount of oxygen they breath, then someone will workout stronger.

“We have not got an answer why low-fat chocolate milk is very nutritious. We will do research about it more,” said Ivy. The research was published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.