Benefits of Walking with Bare Feet


Modernization gives big effect on the way we walk. If our ancestors once were comfortable walking on soft ground barefoot, now it is rare to see people walking way barefoot on paved streets or concrete.

Many are not aware that barefoot walking has many benefits for the body. Therefore, when you got  chance on holiday in the open area, tryto take off your footwear. Feel the benefits for the body!

1. Enlight the mind
When taking a step barefoot, your level of spontaneous awareness will increase. At least for the area around the footing, if there are thorns, sharp gravel, or other objects that could injure your feet. Without realizing it, this will make a brighter mind and stimulate the mind to focus better.

2. Free foot Yoga
Walking barefoot will stretch the muscles while strengthening tendons, ligaments, ankle and calf. It helps prevent injuries, knee strain and back problems. Barefoot walking will also enable the work of specific muscles that help keep your posture and body balance. This muscle is not active when wearing shoes.

3. Free reflection massage
The feet has a number of reflex points that connect to almost any organ of the body. Small bumps, rocks, or steppingon rough surfaces will stimulate reflex points on the feet. Although initially it may hurt, but it has positive effect son the body to relieve symptoms of the disease.

4. Relieve stress
A study has revealed that walking barefoot on grass helps reduce anxiety and depression by 62 percent. Walking barefoot increases levels of endorphins that bring happiness.

5. Quality night sleep
There are some people who believe that walking barefoot on the grass is the best cure for insomnia.

6. Detoxification
Earth or natural ground has a negative ion charge that play a role in detoxifying the body, reducing the effects of inflammation, hormonan cycle synchronization and physiological rhythms, also provide a calming effect. Therefore, do not hesitate to remove footwear when playing on the beach.

7. Healthy for your soul
Walking barefoot allows you to connect with the natural surroundings. Easier to feel the warmth of the sun, or the rustle of wind in the trees. Simply put, walking barefoot is good for health of mind, body and soul.