Benefits of Warm Water Bath


warm wate bath benefitsWhen tired from working all day, a shower or bath with warm water is obviously very comforting. Besides able to prevent colds because it can warm the body, there are several other benefits we can get from the warm water.

There is no standard regarding the ideal water temperature for bathing. If too hot, it will cause irritation and dry skin that will make you feel uncomfortable.

According to Healthmad, here are some benefits warm water bath

1. Relieves stress
A warm water bath can relieve the stress of  thoughts after a busy day. Add lavender oil to enhance relaxation.

2. Clean the body
Warm water is more powerful to lift excess oil and dirt on the skin surface. Not only is it fresher, the skin will also be healthy.

3. Blood circulation
When bathing in warm water, blood circulation will become more fluent. Not only will it boost the immune system, a good blood will also stabilize the body’s temperature settings so it does not easily catch cold.

4. Opens skin pores
If you like using cream or treatment for your skin, do it after bathing or soaking in warm water. Absorption will occur more efficiently because of the warm temperature which makes the skin pores open.

5. Overcome insomnia
No need for sleeping pills or strenuous exercise until fatigued in order to quickly get sleepy. If you have difficulty in sleeping, try soaking in warm water for a relaxed feeling and a good blood circulation to deal with the problem