Best Times For Your Brain


time for brainMany believe that only energy or weight can fluctuate during the day. But the human brain also has its own rhythm and there are times when its best to do thing. There are brilliant times to perform a certain activity.

Here are 8 specific time which someone can be brilliant in performing some activities.

7-9 am: The best time to enhance spirit and passion
“This time is the perfect time to increase ties with a your partner when you wake up,” said Elijah Karatsoreos, PhD, a neurologist from Rockefeller University, according to MSN.

This is because levels of the oxytocin hormones (the hormone of love) are at the highest level after waking. This time is the time to strengthen relationships with people who are most important in life. British researchers said that the level of oxytocin in males will gradually decline over time.

9am to 11 am: The best time for creativity
At this time the brain has sufficient cortisol hormone (stress hormone), so it can help focus the mind and this is not influenced by age.

It is an excellent time to learn and work on tasks that require analysis and concentrations. Because it’s time to develop new ideas, make presentations or brainstorming.

11am to 2 pm: The best time to perform a difficult task
German scientists said that during this time the melatonin hormone  (sleep hormone) has declined sharply, so that the body is more ready for hard and tough work.

But you should still do not perform several tasks simultaneously, because it will make you loose concentration.

2-3 pm: The best time to rest
To digest lunch, then the body will draw blood from the brain to the abdomen, this condition will make the intake of blood or oxygen to the brain that make someone sleepy. Because of that, try to take a break from work.

If you still have to work and fight drowsiness, try to walk for a while, meditating or drink water. This could increase vascular volume and circulation so that it increases blood flow to the brain.

3 pm to 6 pm: The best time for collaboration
“At this time the brain will feel very tired,” said Paul Nussbaum, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist. Because of that it does not hurt to do a collaboration with co-workers or doing different activities. Although the brain is not as sharp as the previous time, but someone will feel more relaxed and the pressure of his body also be low.

6 pm to 8 pm: The best time to perform personal tasks
Among these hours, researchers found that the brain has entered the ‘maintenance’ phase, which is when melatonin production is still at low levels.

walk alone or with friends, make dinner or enjoy quality time with family.

8-10pm: The best time to relax
At this time there is a transition from awake to sleepy conditions, because melatonin hormone levels will rise rapidly. While the levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter associated with the spirit) will fade.

Rubin Naiman, PhD sleeping problems specialist from the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine, said about 80 percent of serotonin will be stimulated from exposure to sunlight, so if the sun sinks, the body’s levels are also reduced.

“At night when the brain is tired, is the best way to make the body become relaxed like watching funny movies, knitting or doing things that can make the body relaxed,” says Naiman.

Over 10pm: The best time to sleep and stop all activities
It is time for a night break  and sleep, light settings can help let the brain rest. After several hours, the brain will be ready again to start  new activity.

Try to get enough sleep as much as 7-8 hours, so that you can obtain optimal health and energy in the morning.