Beware, cell phones can cause allergies!


Today many people are as they are inseparable from their cell phones. They might not know that cell phones can cause may disadvantages for their health. Researchers even mentioned that cell phone radiation causes abnormal behavior in children. It is now also that cell phones cause allergies if they are used too often.

Experts see an increase in cases of allergy caused by nickel and cobalt on the cell phones. In a recent study, they tested cell phones to find a solution.

The results showed that about a third of Blackberry phones contain nickel. Two Blackberry phones that do not contain nickel and cobalt are Blackberry Torch and Blackberry Curve.

Meanwhile, 90 percent of flip phones contain nickel and 50 percent of flip phones contain cobalt.

Even so, there are no Android phones and iPhones that are known to contain nickel or cobalt, explains researcher Dr. Luz Fonacier from Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, New York.

“The phones which buttons are frequently used and are easily damaged often contain nickel. On Blackberry, most of the nickel were found in the keypad,” he said, as reported by the NY Daily News.

So how do we deal with it? It is best that cell phone users uses phone coatings made of plastic to protect your cell phone as well as to protect you from skin allergies.

If you already have allergies, it is better to think about buying a new cell phone that does not contain nickel. When symptoms of allergy starts to appear, sufferers should temporarily reduce the use of their cell phones. Previously, it was also reported that cell phones can cause brain cancer.