Beware, doing a ‘headbang’ could cause brain hemorrhage!


Beware, doing a 'headbang' could cause brain hemorrhage!

Headbang, or moving the head up and down, while listening to heavy metal music of course is mostly done by young people, especially the fans of metal music or band members. But you should be careful if you want to do this. A recent study revealed that often doing a headbang can trigger brain hemorrhage.

Recently, a doctor in Germany discovered the first case of a brain hemorrhage caused by a headbang at a rock concert. This was experienced by 50-year-old man. He was having continuous and increasingly severe headaches, for two weeks.

The man confessed to have done a headbang during a heavy metal concert. Headbang is full of head movement in accordance with the power and rhythm of metal music. After a CT scan, doctors discovered bleeding and blood clotting on the right side of his brain.

The man had to undergo surgery to remove the blood clots. Finally, the headache was gone. In an examination two months later, the man recovered, as reported by Healthy Living.

Doctors explained that a blood clot on the brain was caused by bleeding triggered by the headbang movement. Although the link between the two has not been proven, according to a study in The Lancet journal. But according to doctors, this is the first evidence that headbang could cause problems in the brain, including bleeding.

Previously, headbang is often associated with other problems such as cracks in the neck and tearing of arteries in the neck. You should be careful when you want to do a headbang. It is ok to do it, but do not overdo it because it could provide negative impacts.

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