Beware, kissing can cause mononucleosis disease!

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kissing can cause mononucleosis disease

A recent study says that kissing, or more precisely a french kiss, can cause mononucleosis. Mononucleosis or commonly shortened to mono is often referred to as the kissing disease.

As reported by My Health News Daily (27/12), mono is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. How it spreads is through contact with saliva produced by the sufferers. Mono also spread through coughing, sneezing, sharing food, but is not contagious like flu, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Meanwhile, a french kiss itself is the kiss that involves the mouth and tongue contact. Researchers also reported that french kiss is the only highest trigger for the mono disease. Because a person’s diet and stress does not affect the risk of increased mono disease.

Many people suffer from mono before growing up and the immune system begins to develop to fight. For mono symptoms alone, usually the patient will experience a sore throat, excessive fatigue, headache, decreased appetite, and swollen tonsils. However, some people who suffer from mono also sometimes have no symptoms at all.

The research was conducted precisely by experts from the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis. They involved 143 students who checked their blood for the presence of antibodies to fight Epstein-Barr virus.

The result showed that as many as 63 percent of students had positive antibodies, meaning they in the past had suffered from mono. As many as 66 percent of students also were suffering from mono, but about 59 percent of them are showing symptoms.

Students who have a mono disease usually develop the disease for 17 days. But the spread of the virus to others can last longer, which is about five months.

The results of the research on the link between french kiss kissing and mono disease is also reported in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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