Beware of allergens in your backyard!


are of allergens in your backyardIf not careful, your backyard can be a hell of a recurrent cause allergies. Researchers revealed that there are a lot of things that have the potential to trigger allergy and asthma in the backyard of the home, especially if your house has a garden and flowers in the back.

Here are some things that can trigger allergies in the backyard of your home, as reported by U.S. News (27/07).

1. Insect bite
Insect bites can trigger a deadly allergic reaction for people who have allergies insects. If you have insect allergies, you should always carry epinephrine medication. To avoid insect bites always use shoes in the back yard, wrap the food brought to the backyard and do not drink from the open carelessly. Avoid wearing perfume that smells fragrant and do not wear bright clothing. It can attract insects towards you.

2. Mosses and fungi
Pollen produced by trees or flowers are not the only trigger for allergies. Mushrooms and moss growing in the back yard can also cause allergies. And also hay and grain rot. If you have allergies to plants and pollen, you should avoid mold and mildew growing in the backyard.

3. Food
If you have a food allergy, you should be careful before doing a barbecue in the courtyard. Some sauces and dressings for salad may contain allergens that can trigger allergies. We recommend using herbs that have been proven safe for you. If doing a party at a friend’s house, you should take your own sauce or dish.

4. Smoke
During a barbecue or when burning trash in the backyard, be careful with the smoke and fire. Smoke and fire can trigger asthma attacks. But avoid being too close to the fire source or avoid sitting parallel to the direction of the wind, because you will be exposed to the smoke from burning.

5. Sunscreen
Some people have allergies to sunscreen. If you notice a rash or feel an itchy skin after wearing sunscreen, you should discontinue the use. Chances are you have an allergy to the chemicals in the product. Choose sunscreens that do not contain benzophenone, octocrylene, and PABA chemicals  which can irritate the skin. other than that, try it first before wearing sunscreen regularly.

Those are some things you should consider when going to the backyard. Ignoring some allergy and asthma triggers in the above can be fatal for your own health.