Beware of Detox Diet Dangers to Your Health


In order to lose weight, many people tries to do weight loss the instant way, namely by consuming healthier beverages such as fruit juices without a balanced food intake. Many believe that this is quite healthy, but other says that is is a bad way to lose weight.

Detox diet is one way to lose weight by consuming liquid, such as fruit or vegetable juices, and of course in sufficient quantities. Unfortunately, the consumption of fruits and vegetables are not accompanied by nutritional needs of the body such as proteins and healthy fats.

The result of this diet indeed shows immediate changes. But the effect will not last long. If for one week the body does not get the protein and fat intake less than 1000 calories per day, of course, the body will issue a reaction that is quite dangerous.

According to Womenshealth, here is the detoxification mechanism of fruit juice which is potentially dangerous.

After the first sip
In a detox diet, when you start drinking fruit juice, it means your body is actually in a state of starvation. Hunger signals in your brain begin to respond to the entry of fruit juice you consume. Only consuming vegetables is also not the best idea to maintain a healthy body.

This is because, when you consume sugary foods such as fruit juices, pancreatic performance become a little distracted. Through the pancreas, insulin is pushed out. Changing with the sugar in the juice form of glucose in the cell body.

After 30 minutes
You will begin to feel dizzy in the head. This is a sign that the cells begin to absorb glucose, and blood sugar levels also begin to decline.

Not only that, if you lack calories in the short term, the body will cease to supply glycogen to form energy. Then store it in the liver and muscles.

Day two
If you continue to lose weight, just by drinking fruit juices or vegetables only, of course, it can cause insulin production to be soared. The body will lose glycogen and will make you feel weak and lethargic.

If supplies of calories are running low in the body, the body will utilize some other calorie sources to generate energy. The body will take it directly from the source of your muscles (triglycerides). Although you had exercised, if your diet is like this this, still you will lose muscle mass.

The third day
Not only the body that are uncomfortable. Your brain, too, will not be happy. This is because when you’re doing a detox diet, the brain is a little out of control. You may feel a bit emotional (grumpy) and difficult to focus.

In addition, the brain will also experience amino acid deficiency. It is the raw material that is needed as a neurotransmitter in order to maintain the mood. After three days, the proteins in the muscle will also break down into ammonia and uric acid which can then attack the veins. Detox diet routine without any food intake, also may cause kidney disorder and make you susceptible to diarrhea.

The fourth day
Only liquid in a form of juice without any other foods that is processed by the body, causes the villi in the small intestine not able to perform optimally in absorbing nutrients. The small intestine is only going to get a bit of dietary fiber, and then will take it to the blood. This is the beginning of the reduction or shrinkage of muscle tissue due to poor dietary intake.

On the eighth day
After regular detox diet, the body will likely lose a lot of muscle. Even if you have returned to your eating routine. Muscle mass would burn calories less. As a result, you will experience a yo-yo diet.