Beware of Excessive Thirst in Children

excessive thirst disease pictureExcessive thirst is a general phenomenon that is often complained by children. But this should be watched, because excessive thirst can be a symptom of serious illness.

Indeed, excessive thirst often occur in children and most parents tend to ignore these symptoms. The parents often considers excessive thirst happens because of the overactive of a child playing outside the house, causing dehydration.

However, these symptoms may be more than it looks like. Excessive thirst that occurs in children can be an indicator of underlying disorders, or serious illness.

According to Buzzle, here are the various causes of excessive thirst that occurs in children:

1. Diabetes Mellitus

One of the most common causes of excessive thirst is a diabetic. Diabetes mellitus is characterized by the classic triad polifagia (excessive hunger), polydipsia (excessive thirst) and polyuria (excessive urination).

These symptoms are seen because of the excess glucose in the bloodstream. This is a type 1 diabetes that occurs in children and is also known as insulin dependent diabetes.

This occurs because the insulin-producing beta cells in islets in the pancreas are destroyed, because people do not produce enough insulin in the body.

This type of diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes (adolescents diabetic), as seen on kids.

2. Diabetes insipidus

Diabetes insipidus is a condition where there is an anti-diuretic hormone deficiency or insensitivity of the kidneys. Anti-diuretic hormone hormone which is responsible for sending signals to the kidney and the need to absorb as much water as possible.

So, the symptoms of diabetes insipidus is the frequent urination in children. This causes loss of fluid from the body, which in turn causes excessive thirst in children.

3. Dehydration

Dehydration is a condition in the loss of fluids from the body. One of the most common causes of dehydration in children is a viral infection, which causes high fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

Other causes of dehydration in children is bacterial infections and parasites, which can cause loss of fluids in the form of diarrhea.

4. Weak heart

Other causes of excessive thirst in children is congestive heart failure, where the heart is so weak, itcan not pump blood and oxygen.

Insufficiency of blood and oxygen to reach organs can sometimes cause less volume of blood in the body, known as hypovolaemia, can also cause excessive thirst.

5. Kidney disease

If the amount of fluid that entered the child’s body is not proportional to the amount released through urination, then it is likely the child will suffer from kidney disease.

Kidney has a natural filtration system. If an interruption occurs in the kidneys, the kidneys produce more urine is very dilute. This is because the kidneys is not doing a good job, namely to maintain and absorb as much water as possible.

Other symptoms of kidney disease such as excessive thirst, excessive waste of water and also a sense of burning in the bladder.

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