Beware of Health Problems Caused by Tight Clothes

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tight pants bad for healthIn order to get the impression of being sexy, tight clothes is often a mainstay. However, if the tightness is excessive not only does it actually damage looks but also have negative effects on health.

Actually, it does not matter if you occasionally wear tight clothes. Make sure you don’t use it for a long period. That’s because it can pose dangers, know the following facts, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Tight Pants
Risk: nerve pain in legs, heartburn, worsen hernia

Wearing skinny jeans, in fact can make your walk become not normal, without realizing it. A study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, reveals that the number of cases of meralgia paresthetica conditions increased with the trending of skinny jeans.

Meralgia paresthetica is a condition of suppression of the pelvic nerve to the outer thigh. Symptoms, can cause tingling sensations, numbness and a burning hot pain. However, the symptoms are known to slowly disappear in women who switched from skinny jeans and used loose ones after four to six weeks.

Wearing tight pants is also not advisable for men. In a previous research, it was known that tight pants can reduce sperm production.

T-shirts and shirts
Risk: Headache, pain in the eye and shoulder

T-shirt with structure collar and that are very tight can increase the risk of serious eye diseases. This is according to a study in the British Journal of Ophthalmology. Very tight collars can put pressure on the jugular vein in the neck area and press the internal parts of the eye.

Increased pressure is one of the main causes of glaucoma. Shirts that are too small can also restrict blood flow to the brain through the carotid artery. This condition causes headaches, blurred vision and dizziness, and increased tension in the back and shoulder area.

Risks: infection and fungus, sore toe and hammer toe

Effects of too often wearing tight shoes is your toe could experience deformity or bunion. This causes tremendous pain and you will need the help from your doctor to overcome them. Not to mention the risk of athlete’s foot and fungal infections, because the air flow in a narrow shoes does not go well.

Risk: Fungal infections and fertility problems

Do not underestimate the comfort aspect in underwear. Usually because they want to wear skirts or tight pants and does not want an underwear line to appear, women wears a G-string. But this is not without risk. The very small size, thin and tight, makes the air circulation does not go well.

Thus, the fungus will be very easy to grow. Not just itching, burning and redness that appears, but it also could have a negative impact on fertility. So make sure you wear underwear made from comfortable materials and not too tight. In a previous study, it was even known that sleeping without underwear is better for health.

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