Beware of the Early Symptoms of Stroke


Many people realize too late that there are problems in their body health. They generally will realize the existence of  health problems after their conditions are in a severe level, which often leads to fatal.

Stroke, for example. Many ignore the symptoms of stroke because the early signs of this disease seems not critical. They think the discomfort that appear will disappear by themselves without needing special handling.

So that you do not end up being stuck in a fatal condition, you should not ignore symptoms of stroke that may seem trivial, like often feeling numbness or tingling, blurred vision on one or both eyes, often experiencing a sudden loss of balance while standing or walking, and often suffer from sudden headache with no known cause.

These symptoms that seems to be mild, will get serious if not treated. Immediately see the doctor or go to the hospital if you experience more severe symptoms, such as:

– Sudden weakening of movement ability in the area of the face, arm or leg, especially if it occurs only on one side of the body (left or right).

– A sudden fall when walking or standing and can not rotate your body because you are off balance

– Memories suddenly erased which makes you not able to do your routine activities such as wearing clothes and walking to a place in the house, because you forget.

– You find it hard to move your body and can not coordinate the movement of the body to do simple things, like writing, typing, and dialing.

– Often pensive for a long time, and mood becomes unstable. You are easily suddenly upset and in a long time.

– Experience hearing loss.