Beware of The Four Early Attacks of Diabetes


avoid diabetesNot everyone knows how to diagnose blood sugar, whether or not it exceeds normal limits. General symptoms such as fatigue, high appetite , and easily experience drowsiness is often a baseline for diabetes.

However, the difficult part of the detection of diabetes for most people is that they will never know when diabetes mellitus enters their bodies, and when it begins to damage organs. Nearly 25 percent of people do not realize that if they had been exposed to type 2 diabetes, as reported by Women’s Day. You should also know that there are simple ways to avoid diabetes.

The initial symptoms
Common signs of diabetes are fatigue, irritability, frequent thirst and urination. This phase does not run at the same time, but gradually. These symptoms will grow if stimulated by high levels of stress and lack of sleep.

Yeast infection
Do you often have yeast infection? Higher sugar levels in the blood can lead to mold growth. Recurrent infections is a signal that the body does not process sugar properly.

Risk factors
Family history of diabetes and obesity is a factor a person has diabetes. For pregnant women who have gastional diabetes problems, they have twice the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This will also occur in patients with heart disease. Heart problems provide an opportunity for someone to develop diabetes.

Do not ignore pre-diabetic
Pre-diabetic is a condition in which a person has a higher sugar content than normal. However, these conditions are not eligible for diabetes. But, if you do not pay attention to food intake, blood sugar spikes that are not significant will take you to join patients with type 2 diabetes.