Beware of these 7 early symptoms of stroke!



Stroke is an emergency health issue that must be addressed if you do not want to end in death or paralysis. But sometimes it is hard to recognize the signs of a stroke in a person. And to save lives, to recognize the symptoms of a stroke is very important.

When a stroke occurs, the blood supply to the brain cells stop. Finally, the brain does not get oxygen-rich blood. However, a stroke can also occur when the blood supply to the brain is too high because the blood pressure. Stroke is usually accompanied by symptoms early. like what are the symptoms? Here’s some of them, as reported by Boldsky (02/03).

1. Numbness
These are the symptoms to look out for. If you suddenly feel weak and numb in the muscles of the face, arm, or leg one part of the body, it could be a stroke. Sometimes the patient will feel paralyzed and could not lift a hand. In other cases, one face down and face no symmetry visible when smiling or talking.

2. It is difficult to communicate
Stroke patients usually will experience communication problems, difficulty speaking and understanding the conversation. Early symptoms of stroke also includes having difficulty to understand commands or conversation.

3. Blindness suddenly
Stroke patients usually also have difficulty seeing and decreased vision capabilities, especially on the part of the eye. It is one of the symptoms of stroke advanced very important to watch out for.

4. Loss of sensation
When experiencing a stroke, sometimes the body will lose the ability to feel sensation. It could be one of the early symptoms of a stroke. When the skin begins to be sensation, can be caused by stroke. In addition, the decline in the ability of other senses such as the sense of taste or hearing.

5. Loss of balance
Before the stroke, a person may feel dizzy or vertigo, which is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and fever. In addition, they usually will have difficulty walking due to loss of balance and coordination.

6. Headache
Headaches that could trigger a stroke is usually accompanied by loss of consciousness and fainting spells. Beware of headache that feels unnatural, especially if you have high blood pressure.

7. Loss of reflexes
The human body has many reflexes, one of which is in swallowing food. When you lose this reflex, could be the next you’ll feel the stroke. One to watch is difficulty swallowing food until you have to vomit it back.

That’s some early symptoms of stroke. If you have these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. Above symptoms can progress to more serious symptoms and more difficult to prevent.

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