Beware of Unexpected Deaths


Every living creature is created to die on their own time. There are deaths that are unexpected which is only caused by trivial things but can make cause you to loose your life

According to HowStuffWorks, here are some examples of unexpected deaths, although there are many more examples which reminds human to remains careful.

1. Death caused by the sewer
This is a strange death, sad and very tragic. In 2008, a Canadian man was killed after trying to get his stolen wallet which was thrown in the sewer.

He called the police before getting the wallet in the sewer. But police found the man’s head was stuck in a sewer several meters below the road. He was rushed to the hospital, but his life could not be saved.

2. Death caused by deodorant
In 1998, a boy aged 16 years from England died of a heart attack after exposure to too much deodorant spray. He seemed obsessed with personal hygiene and wants to always be fresh, so he sprays his entire body with deodorant at least twice a day.

He never thought that he was in danger. The autopsy found that there is 10 times the amount of butane and propane which are deadly in his blood. It turns out that child often uses deodorant in a narrow place, even though such products are recommended for use in well-ventilated places.

3. Death caused by a beard
Many people have a record of the longest beard, the newest is a Canadian man named Sarwan Singh who holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest beard (2.36 m).

But none of those have problems with having their long beard, except an Austrian man in the mid 1500s. Hans Steininger’s beard was only 1.4 m, but it caused him a bad incident.

Hans was always known to roll up his beard in a bag, but one day in 1567 he did not have time to perform the ritual. When a fire occurred in the city,He tripped his own beard when trying to escape. He was reported a broken neck and died in that fire.

4. Death caused by a hungry Sheep
Sheeps are very docile creatures and it is known that these hairy animals are grass eaters. Unfortunately, in 1999, Betty Stobbs, a woman in England found that sheep can also be very aggressive when they are too hungry.

In one night, when Stobbs is going to feed her sheeps, a flock of sheeps chased Stobbs who was in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). He fell down and was crushed by the vehicle.

5. Death caused by wearing a wire bra
Two women in London, England, in 1999, was reported to die because of using a wire bra. It wasn’t that the bra strangled the two women, but the wire in the bra acted as a conductor which delivered an electric current.

It was reported that the two women were struck by lighting!