Beware, smoking makes an important part of the brain shrink!

Beware, smoking makes an important part of the brain shrink!

Years ago, researchers have warned that smoking could inhibit growth in children. However, a recent study conducted by researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University and the University of Edinburgh revealed that smoking not only inhibits their growth, but also the brain. This study shows that natural smoke for long periods can make an important part of the brain to shrink.

The section is a layer of the cortex of the brain. Layers of the cortex is the outermost part of the brain associated with cognitive functions such as memory storage importantly, language skills, and perception. Interestingly, this study also shows that quitting smoking can help restore the state of the cortex layer becomes better, though not exactly the same as the original, as reported by Science Daily (10/02).

The results of this study, the researchers after observing 244 men and 260 women were divided into three groups: smokers, ex-smokers, and people who do not smoke. The average age of participants was 73 years. All participants were examined at mas childhood, namely in 1947. Furthermore, researchers use these data to be compared with MRI scans when adult participants.

“We found that the cortex layer ex-smokers and smokers, at the age of 73 years, thinner than people who never smoked. However, ex-smokers have better cortex compared to the still smoking,” said lead researcher Dr. Sherif Karama of McGill University.

Even so, not all ex-smokers have a healthy layer of cortex and recovered as before. People who smoke more than 25 years still has a thin layer of the cortex and more fragile. Layer can be thinned cortex is naturally due to the aging process, but in smokers cortex layer thins faster.

“Smokers should know that smoking will make their brain lapisancortex dwindling and could trigger a decline in cognitive abilities as they age,” said Dr. Karama.

Stop smoking now to protect your health. Not only the health of the lungs or body, but also the health of your brain and cognitive abilities.

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