Beware, smoking marijuana can cause death!


marijuana cause deathSo far, many studies found the health benefits of marijuana. However, recent research suggests that smoking marijuana can make people die. These results were found by researchers in Germany after finding two men who died after smoking marijuana.

Previously, studies have found that the use of marijuana mixed with other drugs can affect heart health and trigger cancer. Even so, it is said that investigators do not know whether cannabis alone can cause death.

Now , researchers from University Hospital Dusseldorf in Germany conducted an analysis of two people who died after using marijuana. The team led by Dr. Benno Hartung conducted 15 experiments on the two victims. They conducted an experiment to find out what caused their death.

As a result, they find that the deaths of two men was purely because of the use of marijuana But the two men died after their heart beats became irregularly too fast or too slow. Researchers believe that changes in heart rate is due to the effects of marijuana, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The reason, researchers found that the two men died a few hours after smoking marijuana and did not have a history of heart disease. Although researchers now believe that marijuana can also be deadly, but they still do not know exactly what substance in marijuana that triggers changes in heart rate.

David Raynes, an expert from the UK explains that deaths due to marijuana is quite rare. The risk of long-term damage to the brain is for people who frequently use marijuana. His comments were based on the results of studies showing that cannabis are associated with depression and schizophrenia.

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