Beware, sugar is far more harmful than salt!

Beware, sugar is far more harmful than salt!

A recent study of the online journal ‘Open Heart, showed that turns sugar added to processed foods can have a worse effect on blood pressure, heart disease, and hypertension compared with saline.

So far the general dietary guidelines is to reduce salt intake in the meal consumed to minimize the occurrence of high blood pressure. Instead, the sugar is recommended to suppress the effect of increasing blood pressure.

However it turns out, the salt would have a very low effect on blood pressure changes. Sugar is considered as an inhibitor of blood pressure changes drastically even have effects that are far more dangerous!

As reported by the Health Me Up (17/2), the researchers revealed that the sugar has content related to blood pressure than sodium. They concluded that sugar, especially fructose may exacerbate hypertension and other heart problems.

High fructose is usually found in sodas and processed foods. The effect could be worse, as the number of adverse blood lipid blood insulin levels are high, and twice the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

The evidence is already apparent. Showed that people who diet with added sugar intake at least a quarter of their total daily calorie consumption will have nearly three times the risk of heart disease, compared with those who consumed less than 10 percent.

Limit consumption of sugary drinks and sweets are the most effective way to reduce the intake into the body. The World Health Organization recommends that sugar into the body must be less than 10 percent of total calories per day. This translates to a maximum of 50g of sugar for the average adult.

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