Beware, teens are susceptible to genital herpes!


teens are susceptible to genital herpesA study reported by says that today’s teens are susceptible to genital herpes. The study took a sample of 14-19 year olds and shows that the teen’s body lacked antibodies to herpes simplex virus type 1 ( HSV – 1 ).

Reason for the decreased level of immunity against this virus is the lifestyle that increasingly irregular and declining levels of cleanliness in the environment around us. In addition the study also explains that adolescents who have not been infected with the disease when they were a child would be more susceptible to HSV – 1 as they mature and become sexually active.

HSV – 1 disease is commonly found in the form of cold sores around the mouth. Then when more severe the disease will turn into HSV -2 that attacks the genital.

This disease is a disease transmitted through direct skin contact. If you are infected with this disease you will feel itching and tingling around the mouth. The itching will then turn into wound and then can spread to the eyes, fingers, and other body areas.

In addition to direct contact, sexual intercourse can also spread the disease .

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