Beware, Your Baby Can Die When Sleeping!

baby sleepingRisk of infants dieing while they are asleep could be reduced if the baby is vaccinated, given breast milk, and no large pillows on the sides of their bed.

Those three things are the latest recommendations made by pediatrician in the United States, Tuesday, October 18, 2011 in order to promote safe sleep for babies and reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or also known as Crib Death.

“Our main goal is to minimize this type of death,” said Dr. Rachel Moon, a pediatrician at ‘Children’s National Medical Center’ in Washington DC, one of the team that made the latest recommendations, according to LiveScience

In the most recent recommendation, it is also advised to remove all items from the crib, including pillows and blankets, and parents should avoid “sharing a bed” with their babies.

“It takes more education to the heatlh care providers and those involved in it on how to prevent suffocation and to reduce SIDS and other causes of infant mortality,” said Dr. Moon.

In 1992 the ‘American Association of Pediatricians’ (AAP) recommends that babies sleep on their backs rather than face down. This is known as “Back to Sleep” that could actually reduce the number of sudden deaths (SIDS) by 50 percent. But infant mortality by other causes including suffocation and choking, increased.

In order to reduce infant mortality caused by the two things, the AAP updated the safe sleep guidelines for children aged under one year, which are breast-fed infants should, when possible, and immunized. The study results showed that both methods appear to decrease the risk of SIDS.

The ideal crib, according to the AAP, is that only consists of strong baby mattress, and there is no distance between the mattress and bed. Although a variety of baby items such as blankets and bumper pads can make crib looks “cute”, proved to be harmful to infants, said Dr. Moon.

Protective pads potentially increasing the risk of suffocation (if baby is rolling over in opposite directions with the pads and can not go back again) and the risk of choking (if the baby is trapped between the bearing strap).

“Therefore, there is no reason to give a cushion,” said Dr. Moon. “Cushions does not preclude the occurrence of serious injury,” he continued. Babies do not have enough muscle strength or motor skills to throw himself back from the opposite side of their bed with enough force to cause injury.


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