Big belly increase risk of death in men


Can not see your feet when standing upright is probably not a problem. But if men could not see their penis when standing upright, it is a problem.

Experts say that men can not see their penis when standing because of a very large stomach has high risk of death.

The survey was conducted on 1,000 British men and found that a third of men aged 35-60 could not see their private parts because their stomach is too big.

“If the stomach is too big, which makes a man could not see their own penis, they should be vigilant. This not only increases the risk of death, but also increase the risk of dangerous diseases,” said Dr Sarah Brewer, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Brewer suggested that men who had a stomach too large to begin implementing a healthy lifestyle. Excess weight together means an increased risk of type-2 diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

Another study conducted at the Mayo Clinic Rochester showed that people who have a fat belly have an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. That is why measuring the abdomen and waist and a healthy life is very important. In a previous study it was said that people with big stomach tend to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.