Birth control pills can lower the risk of ovarian cancer?


Birth control pills can lower the risk of ovarian cancerWomen who take birth control pills are known to have lower ovarian cancer risk, s study said. This is the latest analysis of the 24 studies conducted by researchers at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina.

Researchers found that women who took birth control pills have a reduced risk of ovarian cancer by 27 percent. The longer use is associated with a longer protection against ovarian cancer.

“This study strengthens the evidence that there is a positive link between the use of oral contraceptives with ovarian cancer prevention in the community,” said Dr. Laura Havrilesky, lead researcher, as reported by Reuters (06/06).

Research shows that there is no previous data that could be evidence that oral contraceptives can lower the risk of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is often found in the middle stages, so that researchers can rarely find a way to prevent its development in the early stages.

To that end, Havrilesky perform new analysis of some of the data in the study and found that women who take the Pill for 10 years or longer proved to be better protected from ovarian cancer than women who did not take birth control pills.

Natural ways to prevent it can be done by eating healthy foods and maintaining weight loss and fitness. Some research has suggested women taking birth control pills reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in the long term.