Birth Control Pills Makes Women Become Jealous


Jealous WomenBirth control pills are contraceptives which are commonly used by women to delay or control pregnancy. A recent study found that women who take birth control pills become more possessive and jealous.

Researchers found that some brands of birth control pills with higher estrogen levels can make women become suspicious, possessive and jealous.

These findings are related to previous research about emotional side effects of the use of birth control pills, which was done on 3.5 million British women aged 16-49 years.

In this new study, researchers from Stirling University studied 275 women ages 17 to 35 years. All participants took different versions of combined oral contraceptive pill that contains synthetic estrogen and progesterone, at least during the three-month study.

As a result, the higher dose of estrogen in birth control pills, the more likely women to be jealous. But progesterone did not play a role in emotional changes in women.

“Women should be aware of this phenomenon,” said Dr. Craig Roberts, a researcher from Stirling University, Scotland, according to Dailymail.

According to Dr. Roberts, it seems that women and pharmaceutical companies are not fully aware of the various potential psychological side effects associated with the use of birth control pills.

“Therefore, women should be selective in choosing a brand of birth control pills . The highest dose of estrogen can alter the emotions of women,” said Dr Roberts.

Researchers also warned in a report published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal, women who use certain brands of birth control pills with high estrogen doses would be more difficult to establish and maintain relationships.

Previously, researchers also found that birth control pills can make women more often reflect, changing tastes in men, and even improve intelligence, as it has been published in the Brain Research.