Black women are more likely to die if exposed to cancer?


breast cancerA recent study says that black women more likely to die if exposed to breast cancer compared to white women.

“The comparison is exactly what happened in the first three years after the diagnosis of cancer,” said study lead author Erica Warner from the Harvard School of Public Health, as quoted by CBS News (31/10).

The study, reported in the conference of the American Association for Cancer Research involved 19,480 women with breast cancer. Researchers then analyzed deaths from the disease among 634 Asian women, 1,291 Hispanic women, 1,500 black women non-Hispanic, and 16,055 white women non-Hispanic.

From the analysis, the researchers found that non-Hispanic black female are more at risk to die by 50 percent after the diagnosis.

The risk is precisely due to the type of estrogen-receptor-positive owned by black women. In addition, black women who have breast cancer subtypes luminal A and B also lowers the chance of their survival.

“This study is important given the type of the tumor was before considered manageable,” said Warner.

But three years after diagnosis of breast cancer, the risk of dying of black women patients decreased by 34 percent.

“In conclusion, there should be a special treatment for black women patients who develop breast cancer during the first three years of their diagnosis,” said Warner.

Unfortunately, Warner and his team of researchers are not yet sure what caused the difference in risk of death. Because there are a variety of factors, such as age or type of tumor that may contribute to increased risk of death.