Blood test helps detect diseases faster

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Blood test helps detect diseases fasterMany people are afraid to do blood tests and avoid the expensive cost reasons. However, to avoid a routine blood test is not a wise thing to do. Instead, blood test can determine your health. Here are the advantages of doing regular blood checks as reported by Boldsky (18/4).

Counting the number of blood cells
Through a blood test you will determine the number of blood cells in the body. Your hemoglobin will tell you if you are anemic. Platelet count will tell you if you have a blood clotting problem. And your white blood cell count will tell you if there is an infection in your body.

If you have an infection like hepatitis or syphilis, it can be detected only by a routine blood test. Because the disease shows no outward symptoms.

Deadly HIV virus can be found only by routine blood tests. It takes many years to show symptoms of AIDS. But a blood test early on can help you figure out this problem for sure.

Blood sugar
Diabetes can be difficult to be detected because the symptoms are very common. However, routine blood test will tell if your blood sugar levels are consistently high.

Many young people are contracted  with thyroid disease because their lifestyle is not healthy. So if you have thyroid symptoms, do regular blood tests to detect the presence or absence of the disease.

Cancer can be detected from a blood test. If you do not have a normal amount of hemoglobin or the number of your white blood cells are very high, it could indicate the growth of carcinoma or cancer in your body.

Performing a routine blood test can save your life, because disease can be detected early. Do you always do a routine check-up?

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