Blood test likely to reveal autism risk


Blood test likely to reveal autism riskA simple blood test is likely to reveal whether a child has autism or not, according to new research.

Research that began this week observed 660 participants at 20 facilities throughout the United States. This study was conducted to see if blood test can actually detect autism or see the risk of autism in children.

While a simple blood test alone can not detect ASD (autism spectrum disorder), but through a long process of this tests, we could see signs of autism in children.

“If a blood test can indicate the risk of ASD, it will help parents and doctors to keep the child’s development and provide treatment as early as possible,” said Dr. Jeremy Veenstra VanderWeele, assistant professor at Vanderbilt University, as reported by Vitals (26/04).

Autism spectrum can consist of a variety of symptoms such as language difficulties, repetitive behaviors, or difficulty in socializing. ASD is usually diagnosed based on behavior and health history.

The new test can provide an objective marker for autism and can be used in the clinical evaluation. This test will see the child’s genes to distinguish who has autism and who does not.

“Autism is a highly heterogeneous disorder. This means the symptoms and the consequences can be very broad, depending on the child,” said Dr. Roberto Tuchman, director of the Autism and neurodevelopment program at Miami Children’s Hospital.

According to Tuchman, this test does not mean much because researchers still do not know how the disorder will develop and how is the response of each child. Even so, these tests still provide benefits for doctors to be on guard in providing care as early as possible in children.

Tuchman still supports the idea of ??a blood test to determine autism genes because by knowing autism experts will understand about this disorder and find ways to take care of it. The results of a blood test for autism also help parents plan for their child’s future.