Body Weight For Women is More Important than Love


women happy loosing weightWhat makes a woman happy most is not meeting the ideal man or soul mate. Women feels most happy when they get an ideal body weight.

The conclusion was based on a research by Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany, for 24 years.

The study found that body weight have a greater impact on the spirit of women compared to their love life. It seems that obesity causes more misery and suffering than being single. A slim body gives more life satisfaction compared to a harmonious relationship.

Experts say that he bad stigma of obesity provides a major influence on almost every aspect of women’s lives. People who are obese feels as if  they receive stigma of feeling stupid, lazy or not being cared of, “says Dr Pam Spurr, psychologist and author of ‘How to be a Happy Human’.

“I have handled a lot of patients with obesity or overweight. This condition is always on their minds,” she said. “The thoughts are  not located behind but ahead, because we live in a society that evaluates the size, shape, and attractive appearance.”

The thought is in contrary with the single people stigma which is more accepted by society. Nevertheless, women still feel a good love life is more important than a brilliant career. For career women, hard work is much more fun than not having a job.

The study also revealed that women who have found a soul mate feels happier when the focus of the relationship think about plans to build a dream home, rather than chasing career. This research was conducted on a number of German citizens from 1984 to 2008.