Botox injections could cure stomach cancer?


Botox injections could cure stomach cancer

Botox injections is known to enhance the beauty of women because botox prevent wrinkles and softens the face of women. But who would have thought that botox injections can cure stomach cancer?

A study according to found that substance in the anti wrinkle botox is able to slow the growth of tumors by blocking the nerve signals that stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

“Researchers have long observed that human cancers contain a lot of nerves in it. Botox injections themselves prevent the growth of cancer cells because botox prevents these cells to release a chemical called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine itself is able to stimulate cell division,” said research leader this Dr. Timothy Wang of Columbia University Medical Centre in New York. “We found these injections work to combat cancer, particularly in cases of stomach cancer.”

“This finding is really surprising. We also learned that botox can be injected through a gastroscopy (thin tube from the mouth to the stomach) and the patient only takes a few hours to undergo this treatment,” he said.