Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer


World health data states that over a million women develop breast cancer every year. About 400 thousand of them have experienced early death due to lately realizing the disease so it is difficult to handle. Women should really know the steps to prevent breast cancer.

In the midst of the horrible phenomena, there is an idea to make a bra that not only serves as a breast holder, but also able to be a vital device to detect breast cancer sooner.

Early detection of breast cancer would save the lives of women. This is because seeing the condition that has not worsen that facilitate the success of treatment and healing.

According to the Daily Mail, this magic bra comes with software that functions as a sensor to monitor changes in temperature and blood flow in the breast. The change is an indicator of tumor progression or cancer cells in the existing network.

The software is embedded in a layer of underwear that is also designed to recognize patterns, chronology, and perform simple analysis related to changes in breast tissue that indicate a tumor. Including calculating the size of the tumor and the spread of cancer.

The bra that is  planned to begin to be marketed in 2013 is expected to be a more secure and accurate method of screening than other methods that involve exposure to radiation. It is better for you to avoid breast cancer than having to suffer later.