Brain Ability Weakens in the Age of 45


Alzheimer's DiseaseWe all already know that the ability of the brain decreases with age. People who are younger indeed have better brain functions compared to those who are already old.

Diseases regarding brain and memory ability does happen more in people that are old. So, it is not surprising to see elder people to experience memory loss or dementia.

Recently, researchers from University College London did a study about brain ability and brain function. From the study it was seen that there was a reduced ability of brain function of about 3.6 percent in people aged 45-49 years old. This finding is even earlier than previous studies that showed decreased brain function at the age of 60 years old.

Involving about 7,000 men and women aged 45-70 years old, the study was conducted with a series of brain memory test for 10 years. Starting from ability test to remember vocabulary and the ability to understand through audio visual.

The rate of decline was greatest in men aged 65-70 years, by 9.6 percent. While in women the same age, decreased brain ability is about 7.4 percent.

Professor Archana Singh-Manoux of the Research Center for Epidemiology and Public Health of France, who led the study, said that the study results prove cognitive decline for 20-30 years can lead to dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society says the research is important to know how changes in brain function may help the diagnosis of dementia.

“It is important to identify early risk factors,” said Dr Anne Corbett of the Alzheimer Society, according to the Daily Mail. “However, further research is needed to help understand the changes measured in the brain that can help us improve the diagnosis of dementia.”