Brain Therapy reduces Autism Symptoms


Psychologically, a person with autism is understood as a state more oriented to the subjective mind than seeing reality or the reality of everyday life. Thus, people with autism often is preoccupied with the “world” bit.

Autism is a neurobiological disorder that had settled. Symptoms appear on the field of communication disorders, interaction, and behavior.

Although the neurobiological disorders can not be cured, but symptoms can be minimized by cheap therapy and can be done at home, namely the brain gymnastics or Brain Gym.

Gymnastic therapy of the brain is an electrical technique that helps the brain and body to work more effectively together. Brain gym movements also increased three brain communication, ie communication with the left brain-right brain, the brain behind the front with the brain, and brain on the bottom. Smooth brain communication is useful to improve the efficiency of sensory information most useful for people with autism.

Brain gym movements were varied, such as creating a double streaks in the same time, moving his limbs in turn, and activate the hand.