Breast Implants Leak Causes Hair Loss and Insomnia


There are already many cases of breast implant leakage. Women who has breast implant are even threatened by cancer. Leaking breast implants normally gives an impact of infection and sometimes accompanied by fever. But a woman from England had never thought that the insomnia and hair loss she experienced is due to a leakage of her breast implant.

Andrea Hayman (38 years) highlighted the dangers of Prothese Poly (PIP) breast implants. As a result of a leaking breast implants and the poison that enters the body makes her suffer from insomnia and hair loss.

This condition was known after she complained of insomnia and uncommon hair loss. She also consulted a doctor, after doing some examination it turns out it was due to the leakage of her breast implant.

“I do not understand how this could happen, breast implants is like a ticking time bomb,” said Hayman who lives near Ipswich, Suffolk, as quoted by the Dailymail.

The mother of 2 children wants to encourage other women to act immediately if there is anything unusual or changes in them. Hayman herself has used this implant since December 2006 after she finished nursing her children.

The condition that encouraged her to check her implants was when she felt tingling in her arm in December 2010, at the time she was worried that something might be wrong with her breast implant.

She then did an ultrasound scan and was known that both of her implants have ruptured so that surgical removal should be done immediately. Another thing she knows is that insomnia and hair loss she experienced was due to the effects of the breast implant rupture.

Currently there are about 400,000 women who are known around the world who have controversial breast implants which are at risk to leak, so that the poison can enter the body.

It is noted that there are some things that can trigger the rupture of breast implants such as shocks that are too strong or too much pressure when squeezing that triggers the collapse of the polyurethrane sheath that surrounds the implant.

In some cases the trigger is due to exercising too hard at the gym, wearing a bra that is too tight or too strongly squeezed by the husband.