Breast is the Sexiest Body Part of Women in According to Men


women breast beautyThere is no denying that the part of a woman’s body that has always been an attention of men is the breast. No matter the shape and size, the evidence is that almost all men answers breast when asked the most attractive body part of a women.

According to iVillage, what exactly are these guys thinking that they like breast so much? Well, here are their reasons.

1. Calming
Breasts are basically designed for infants and children who are still in breastfeeding period, but apparently men still feels the same for this matter. Apparently, the breast has a calming effect for men because psychologically it reminds them of the mother figure who always provide protection.

2. More important than face
Women simply can not be blamed for having this advantage. Research at the University of Wellington, New Zealand, revealed that 47 percent of male respondents tend to stare into the chest before seeing the face of a woman. Gaze to the breast is also relatively longer than other body parts.

3. Symbol of fertility
Whatever the size, in the view of men, the breast is a symbol of female fertility that defines feminine as well as the source of fantasy. This is why men are more interested in women who have experienced a phase of puberty with curves that have been formed. If asked to choose Pamela Anderson or a small child of course they will simultaneously choose the sexy actress.

4. Natural selection
Charles Darwin’s theory says that men self-conscious would prefer a partner who is able to reproduce. One of the keys is breast. They assume the larger and beautiful shaped, the higher the level of female fertility. But it is actually not true.

5. Passion zone
Whatever the reason expressed by men about why they are so fond of women’s breasts, in fact there is only one thing in their minds. Breast is included as a desire zone for men. That’s it.

6. Visual stimuli
Unlike women who can be aroused only by reading romance novels, men needs visual and real stimulation. Men could easily be tempted when seeing breasts behind a sexy lingerie.

7. Social image
It’s not about fantasy or what they would do when confronted with the beauty of the partner’s breasts. But the social environment is the reason why they become so obsessed with this beautiful part of the body. Just try to open magazines, the most of it exposes the breasts with opened clothes. Or ads on television. The image that emerged clearly also affect male tastes.

8. Taboo is what is searched
Women breast does have a sex appeal which is taboo to explore. Therefore, it is necessary to protect it. But this is precisely what makes men more curious. Remember the character of a man who feels as a true adventurer!