Breast Milk Substance Can Cure Acne


Cure Acne Health TipsScientists from USA recently discovered similar substances contained in breast milk which has great potential to overcome the problem of acne.

This natural substance is called lauric acid, and the levels in breast milk reaches about 45-50 percent. Known as antibacterial agents, lauric acid is also found in virgin coconut oil, or VCO.

Founder of this substance, Dissaya Pornpattananangkul, a bioengineering researcher from the University of California, stated, lauric acid could save millions of teenagers in the world. This substance is going to be new hope in the treatment of acne because of its natural and safe.

Through her research, Dissaya prove that the treatment using facial creams that contain this substance does not cause side effects. Not like other current treatments that can cause skin redness, heat, and burn.

One thing special about Dissaya’s finding is the combining of lauric acid with “gold nanoparticles”. These nano particles that make acid laurik not attached to each other when the processed form of cream and then can be separated quickly when applied to the skin.

“Nano particles can also help liposomes determine the bacteria that cause acne based on skin conditions, including pH (acidity),” Dissaya said.

Together with the team, Dissaya plans to conduct these tests on human skin creams. So far they have managed to meet several conditions to obtain permits testing because this product is made from natural ingredients and has been included in the safe list.