Breath can be used to identify stress?


Breath can be used to identify stressA long, deep breath can be a tool to detect a person’s stress, according to researchers from the UK.

Researchers also noted that there are six signs of the breath which can be used as an indicator of stress symptoms. Researchers also reported this in the Journal of Breath Research.

“Stress that can be detected early has its advantages. Because we can prevent more serious conditions from the effects of stress,” said Professor Paul Thomas, chief author of the study, as quoted by Science Daily.

The study was conducted by experts from Loughborough University and Imperial College London. They included 10 men and 12 women.

In the first experiment, respondents were asked to sit comfortably and listen to soothing music. Then they were told to carry out further tests designed to cause stress.

Breathing test was also taken before and after the second trial. Researchers also found two specific components of the respondents to draw a deep breath associated with indicators of stress.

Analysis of breathing is increasingly sought by medical experts to diagnose patients. For example, tuberculosis, cancer, and asthma.

“There is also a possibility if the signs of stress through breathing is a hint of the presence of diseases in the body. So this study can be quite important,” said Professor Thomas.

Unfortunately, the study was only conducted in 22 people, that is classified as a small-scale study. However, researchers believe that the results are accurate and hopes there would be a similar study involving more people in favor of the current results.