Breathing exercise tips for smokers


Breathing exercise tips for smokersThe lungs are basically like a sponge that absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. The more you breathe, the more you increase your lung capacity. As reported by Boldsky, medical experts believe that most people only use a quarter of the capacity of their lungs because they never actually exercise the lungs. Therefore, smokers need special breathing exercises due to the ability of the lungs of smokers that is weaker than non-smokers.

This is because smoking can reduce the strength of the lungs to absorb oxygen. Some basic breathing exercises may help smokers inhale more oxygen. Here are some breathing exercises that can be practiced by smokers to breathe more easily, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Breathing in

Deep breathing exercises may sound very basic but it is quite effective in training lungs. If only we can breathe deeply all the time, we will get a lot of energy to suck a lot of oxygen. In addition, deep breathing also help you use your lungs to the maximum.

2. Coordinated breathing

You also need to have control over your breathing. Set a target when breathing in and out for a minute. It is difficult, but exercise can help smokers to discipline their lungs.

3. Diaphragmatic breathing

This is the most important breathing exercises for smokers. A non-smoker use the diaphragm to breathe. However, a smoker has been polluting their lungs with so much venom, so they are more likely to use other organs such as the stomach and neck muscles to help them breathe. Therefore, smokers should train themselves to use diaphragm breathing again by doing lung exercises.

Lie on your back and place a book on top of your chest. Inhale deeply and make sure that the book is lifted from your chest. If you breathe through your neck or abdomen, your chest does not go up and down substantially. This book will help you focus all your energy on the diaphragm.

Those are some simple exercises you can do to maximize your lungs, especially for those who smoke.