Brushing Teeth with Finger Has Many Benefits


To make them look clean and to get rid of bad breath, people always brush their teeth every day.There are many ways to clean your teeth, either by brushing them with a tooth brush, using dental floss, or brushing teeth using electric toothbrush. A team from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, found a rapid technique to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Study leader Dr. Anna Nordstrom, said, “Brushing your teeth using toothpaste with your finger enhance the protection of fluoride  up to 400 percent.”

The researchers tested the effect of high  fluoride toothpaste that can be obtained without prescription in Sweden. They asked 16 volunteers to brush their teeth several times a day and also tested the technical of finger brushing.

According to Dr. Nordstrom, the “massage” method (brush your teeth with your fingers) is shown to be as effective as brushing your teeth three times with a toothbrush in increasing the amount of fluoride in the mouth. “Rubbing toothpaste with your finggers is the easiest way to ‘fire’ fluoride for a day, such as after lunch,” he said according to the Daily Mail. However, he added, this can not replace the habit of brushing teeth with a toothbrush in the morning and afternoon. “This is extra, addition,” said Dr. Nordstrom.

He added that people should avoid cleansing toothpaste with water after brushing their teeth. Fluoride is a naturally mineral that prevents damage by strengthening the protection of tooth enamel that coats the teeth. But only 10 percent of water in the UK that contains fluoride compared to America which contains up to 60 percent.

The researcher also believe that leaving fluoride on the teeth without rinsing is harmless. That view is contrary to the belief that fluoride can increase health risks, and can even increase the risk of bone cancer in boys. But the British Dental Association said, fluoridation is a safe and effective way to reduce tooth problems.

The latest study comes just a day after scientists revealed that the failure to properly brush teeth can cause fatal heart problems. According to the Brstol University, bacteria floating around in the mouth can cause blood clots that is life-threatening through bleeding gums that cause endocarditis. So , it is important to always keep your teeth clean, and try to avoid things that destroys dental health.