Can holidays really can trigger a heart attack?


holiday heart attackThe world has lost one of its famous soprano, James Gandolfini. Cause of death from heart attack is estimated that Gandolfini acquired it while on holiday abroad. The researcher explains that this incident strengthens the evidence that people are also susceptible to a heart attack while on vacation.

Day-to-day activities are kept the same and the cause is boredom and stress can increase a person’s risk of heart attack. But researchers also cautioned that a place that is too crowded with air pollution, foreign food, alcohol, and hot weather can also trigger heart attacks.

At holiday time, often people are not aware that they eat more food, drink, and move more. When the holiday is not going well, people can also feel stress that triggers heart attacks.

These results were found after researchers observed 92 Dutch people having a heart attack while on vacation. They found that heart attacks are appearing in the first two days of vacation compared to other days.

“Physical and emotional aspect while on vacation should begin to be noticed by many people. Even when on vacation, we are still at risk of heart disease,” said Dr. Erik Altman of North Shore-Long Island Jewish Southside Hospital in New York, as reported by the Daily Mail (21 / 06).

Altman added that during holidays people are often not alert and forget to take their medication. Although this study suggests that people may have a heart attack while on holiday, but other studies have found that people who goes on vacations regularly have a lower risk of heart attack.