Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Levels Without Medicine?


Diabetes’s is such a disorder that has no perfect cure in this world. A diabetic person can go for different methods to control his diabetes but till date there is no such way which can completely remove this problem. People are going for various medical aids like medicines and insulation injections to control sugar but these medicines are not very effective. In turn they have many side effects. It is not that, that one cannot control his blood sugar level. There are various ways by which diabetes can be controlled without using medicines. Some of the methods are as under:

To best way to control blood sugar is through diet control. If we eat food rich in sugar and starches, there are more chances of diabetes. So if we eat sugar free foods and light foods like fruits and vegetables and high fiber foods, we can easily control blood sugar without medicines. Intake of low carb diet is the most well known way to reduce blood sugar level. For eg., high fiber foods such as dry beans, oatmeal, cereal, whole grain bread and peanuts help to manage diabetes. Therefore food and diet are the root of controlling the sugar levels.

Another thing which is very helpful in order to control sugar levels is doing physical exercise. Frequent and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system, and helps prevent diabetes. With proper exercise and healthy activities, one not only manages there blood sugar but can also lose weight. Physical exercise does not means that you have to do heavy exercises of gym and other but you can choose any healthy outdoor activity you like you can play soccer, football, badminton or you can go for a brisk walk and jog for an hour. So it totally depends upon one’s own choice to go for which activity to control sugar level.

According to most of the physicians diabetes is caused by taking too much of stress and tension on mind and especially, smokers have this problem. Smokers must quit smoking so as to control there blood sugar level. Another major reason which makes the sugar level high and low is the intake of Alcohol. So if you got to be diabetes free, you got to stay away from alcoholic beverages.

To control blood sugar level it is recommended to get plenty of sound sleep. If you do not get enough of good quality sleep your body will not be able to process glucose effectively. Thus its results in high blood sugar level and eventually diabetes.

Last but not the least follow a normal and healthy lifestyle and don’t follow luxurious and unhealthy lifestyle. Try to be physically active and remain happy. Stress free life can help you to stay away from diabetes. Recent surveys have found that stress is the root cause for diabetes and can also cause other cardio vascular diseases. You can lead a stress free life by practicing yoga and meditation. These exercises can also ease your mind and make your life peaceful.