Can Men Breastfeed?

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Men Breastfeeding PictureBreastfeeding is the nature of a mother who just gave birth. Changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy will stimulate milk production in the breast. But what often becomes a question is can a man breastfeed?

Lactation or breast-feeding process in men is extremely rare, but the fact is, that some men are also able to breastfeed.

As we know, women can produce milk because they have plenty of estrogen hormones during the ninth months of pregnancy. Men also have estrogen hormones, but needs time to stimulate  more.

In addition, men are also born with mammary glands, as well as women. So, when levels of estrogen in the body increases, not surprisingly, men are also able to breastfeed.

But one thing for sure is that the milk that comes out of men breast are clearly not as much on women’s, so that the nutrition is not as much as women.

According to Hubpages, lactation in men can occur when:

  1. A man is in the process of treatment, which effects can stimulate mammary gland. Usually caused by regimen hormonal drugs prescribed to treat several health conditions.
  2. Men who are experiencing hormonal imbalances
  3. Being under pressure. There are some reports of prisoners of war that can produce milk because of circumstances of stress and lack of food.
  4. Stimulation on the breast which is performed regularly

Probably not many people have heard that men can breastfeed, apart from being relatively rare, it is also because not many men who realized it or did not want to admit it.

However, the process of lactation in men is real and possible. In fact, not only human, male mammals also have the possibility to be able to breastfeed their children.

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