Can Not Sleep? Here Are 11 Causes!


sleeping difficulty causesHave you done a variety of methods to sleep, but still does not work? There is the possibility that the cause of your sleeping difficulty is between these 11 things. What are they? Well, here’s the list, as reported by the Huffington Post.

1. Feeling cold
The nerves that control blood flow in women are more sensitive than those in men. That is why, usually women more easily feel chilled compared to men. When the body temperature decreases, they will find difficulty to sleep. Therefore, if you are one of the people who easily get chilled, you should provide socks or a hot water bottle to warm your legs and arms.

2. Your position cause crooked pelvis
Position that makes crooked pelvis not only prevents you from sleeping soundly but can also cause pain on the knees. If this is your favorite position, it is better to put a small pillow between the legs.

3. Problems with your bed
Use a bed that is large enough for you and that is made of good material. Size of the mattress that is too small and materials that do not fit will make you difficult to sleep and wake up with the state of the body that is not comfortable. If you often wake up with back pain and dizziness, it could be a problem with your bed.

4. Pillows that are too thick
Pillows that are too thick and soft gives a distance between the neck and the mattress. Often this causes injury to the neck. A good position during sleep is the same as when you are standing. It is better to choose pillows that are thin and not too soft.

5. Sleeping with the television on
Televisions lights usually help you sleep. But once you are asleep, the television can disrupt your serenity. A slight change in the tone or voice on the television can disrupt your sleep and make you sleep unsoundly. It is better to turn off the television before you sleep.

6. Breathing through your mouth
The most optimal way to breathe is through the nose. In the nasal, the cold air that enters the body is warmed and filtered. Meanwhile, when breathing through the mouth, the air remains cold and unfiltered. The habit of breathing through the mouth also makes you often have trouble sleeping and experience abnormal respiratory organs. From now on, make a habit to breathe through your nose. If not, you better get ready to see an ENT doctor.

7. The mattress is filled with bedbugs
Lice, bacteria, and dust mites can interfere with other processes of your sleep. At night, they can cause asthma and allergies. In addition, they also cause a sore throat and red eyes. Make sure you clean the bed from bedbugs before sleep.

8. Pet Allergies
Like dust and vermin, sometimes animals can also disrupt your sleep, especially if you have allergies. Approximately 17 percent of women admitted to wake up at night because of their pets, according to a study. Not to mention if your pet is purring, jumping up and down the bed, or does some licking. If you can not behave the pets be calm, better not put them in your room.

9. Night sweats
It might be that your body sweats at night. This can occur in women before their menopause or during their menopause, when the are about to menstruate, or because of certain drugs. Diabetes and symptoms of depression can also cause night sweats in women, pajamas and sheets that do not absorb sweat, this could cause you to experience difficulty returning to sleep.

10. Caffeine consumption
Some medications such as asthma pills also contain caffeine. So can some medications for depression, high blood pressure, and heart disease. If you take them, without knowing you are consuming caffeine and make you difficult to sleep.

11. Bright lights
Darkness helps the body to release the melatonin hormone, which is very effective to keep you asleep. Even the tiniest light can make melatonin levels drop. So, turn off the lights 30 minutes before you sleep and turn off all electronic devices, including computers and mobile phones. If you can not sleep in the dark, you can use a small red light.

Those are some things that might have caused you to experience difficulty sleeping. Please check back, if you experience one of the above. If so, immediately overcome it so that you can easily get sleepy and sleep well soon!