Can Routine Coffee Consumption Make People Live Longer?


coffee live longGood news for you coffee fans. Drinking a cup of hot coffee every day, besides providing energy, also will help you live longer. Because, Coffee is beneficial to reduce the risk of heart attack.

Influence of coffee drinking on one’s age was found by researchers at the University of Athens. The result of the research have been released at the congress of The European Society of Cardiology in Stockholm.

Researchers found that drinking coffee every day can increase the elasticity of blood vessels, the effect could prevent heart attacks, According to the Times Of India.

They based their findings on an analysis of the 485 people who have high blood pressure 65 to 100 years old in Ikraina Island, Greece. The island is famous as the islands of ‘long life’ because one third of the population reaches the age of 90.

Dr Christina Chrysohoou who led the study says, there is conflicting evidence about the effect of coffee drinking on heart health. Therefore, some research suggests that drinking coffee would aggravate high blood pressure.

“But drinking coffee is planted in Greek culture, so it is important to examine the island’s inhabitants lives,” she said.

In the study, the elasticity of blood vessels on the subject of research were studied. Approximately 56 percent of coffee fans are categorized medium, which are those drinking one to two cups a day. As a result, their blood vessel health are in good condition, just like young people. Their arteries are more elastic than those who have less coffee or no coffee at all.

Meanwhile, one of 10 people who consumed three cups or more a day, according to the study, have the lowest elasticity of blood vessels.

Dr Chrysohoou added that coffee fans consume an average of 25-50 ml of coffee a day. Drink Greek coffee or other coffee types, he said, benefits the same. All you need to know, coffee should be drunk without sugar or milk added. So that optimal efficacy may be felt.