Can We Control Our Dream?


Lucid DreamingImagine if we can control our dream? You can do anything you want that are impossible to do in the real world. In a dream world, all things are formed by the dreamers mind. Sometimes a person can control their dreams and creates the reality they want, it is also called Lucid Dreaming.

A lucid dreamer is one who realize that s/he is dreaming and can control the dream. It is something common, lucid dreaming often occurs in children as claimed by Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology and neurology at the University of Arizona.

A wide variety of research says there are certain techniques that a person can do to obtain a lucid dream. Deirdre Barrett, a psychologist at Harvard University, said as an example one can have a lucid dream when they remind themself before going to bed that they would ‘wake up’ when the dream takes place.

Another technique that can be used is to check whether you are dreaming or not. According to the Lucidity Institute, it can be done by reading numbers in a dream and then reading it again after a while. Usually the numbers or letters will change or look weird.

Barrett says trying to get a lucid dream does not have a dangerous risk. But Barrett said if for a person dreams and reality looks similar then s/he might have a mental problem.

“If you develop a belief that what you do in a dream world can be done in the real world, in the hands of someone who is mentally sick, it can be very dangerous,” Schwartz said as quoted by CNN.