Recognize 8 early symptoms of diabetes in children!

 Health tips – Diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to produce insulin or insulin absorbed. Both of these will increase in the blood sugar levels that can endanger the health of your body.

Exercise Can Avoid Adult Females from Type 2 Diabetes

The number of diabetics in the world continues to grow. Of course you do not want to suffer from diabetes, well you should consider taking exercise classes such as yoga to avoid suffering the disease.

10 Diabetes Myths Busted

According to a recent research, around 61 million people from India and 24 million in the US have diabetes. Despite so many people being affected by this killer disease, there are many myths about diabetes that are floating around.

Big Drop in Diabetes Complications in People Over 60

Better diabetes treatment has slashed rates of complications such as heart attacks, strokes and amputations in older adults, a new study shows.

Foods to Avoid if You are a Diabetic

Diabetes mellitus is a condition where the blood glucose or sugar level is high, as the pancreas fail to produce insulin, which carries glucose to the cells, which in turn produces energy. 

Many in U.S. Clueless About Their Diabetes Risk

New research shows that many Americans who are at risk for type 2 diabetes don’t believe they are, and their doctors may not be giving them a clear message about their risk.

Diet Acidity is Linked to Diabetes

Diets aimed at reducing acidity are becoming increasingly popular, with celebs like Victoria Beckham touting their benefits; and now a brand-new study lends some clout. After tracking over 65,000 women for 14 years, French scientists found that an acidic diet was...

Self-help is the best way to prevent diabetes

The International Diabetes Federation and Public Health Foundation of India, joined hands to announce their first health initiative in India i.e. KiDS (Kids and Diabetes in School). This project aims to encourage safe and supportive school environment to manage...

Dogs can detect diabetes symptoms through sweat

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also can be a lifesaver for thousands of patients with diabetes who do not realize that they are at risk of developing the blood sugar disease. A recent study revealed that...

Walking in the office can lower the risk of diabetes!

iGood news for those of you who suffer from diabetes. A recent study had indicated that there is an easy alternative to reduce the risk of diabetes. Diabetes itself is a disease that can not be underestimated, as it...

Respiratory infections as infants increase the risk of diabetes

Although it seems trivial, but diseases such as mild respiratory infection that occurs when children aged zero to six months may increase a child’s risk for developing type 1 diabetes until doubled. If the child is exposed to a...

Air pollution increase the risk of diabetes in children

Children who are more exposed to air pollution exposure are likely to increases insulin resistance in their body. As a result, they are increasingly at risk of developing diabetes as adults. This was discovered by researchers in Germany after...

Friendly co-workers lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

Having a friendly co-worker in the office can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel have found that people who have stressful jobs with a co-workers who are not friendly are...

Prediabetes and diabetes, are they the same?

Those who have pre-diabetes or diabetes generally are positive to avoid things that can aggravate their disease. Unfortunately, prediabetes often goes unnoticed and have no symptoms. For that, find out whether the prediabetes and diabetes are the same, as...

Sleeping Difficulty increase the risk of diabetes?

Sleep and blood sugar levels in the body seems to be strain related. However, one study found that the decrease in sleep hormone, which makes a person often experience insomnia, is associated with an increased risk of diabetes in...

Melatonin hormone deficiencies increase the risk of diabetes

Low levels of the melatonin hormone in the body can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in women, according to new research. Melatonin itself is a natural hormone produced by the body to control human biological sleep clock.

Vitamin D controls blood sugar in obese people

There are still a lot of people who underestimates vitamin D. Though this vitamin stores a myriad of benefits. Besides good for calcium, vitamin D can prevent diabetes. U.S. researchers say vitamin D supplements can help children and adolescents...