Relieve headaches due to sinusitis with these 6 natural methods!

Practical ways to overcome headaches

Sinus headaches are usually caused by inflammation in the sinuses. This condition is commonly referred to as sinusitis, which is characterized by an unbearable pain in the sinus area. Healthy sinus mucus will facilitate and expedite the flow of...

Be careful, Consuming these 10 foods can cause headaches

ice cream cause headache

Headache is a health disorder that is often seen as a small matter. However, headaches have a very painful effect. Moreover when the headache attacks come, it can interfere with your activities.

Powerful Alternatives to Treat Headaches

Headaches are a common problem in the modern society as it is now. Stress also referred to as the main trigger of the pain caused. But many also considers it trivial because of the frequency of headache which may...

Cluster Headache, A Rare and Extreme Headache

When you head is throbbing with a headache or migraine is certainly very painful. However, in some people who experience cluster headaches, migraine pain is still normal. It was even known that ice cream can treat migraines. Cluster headache...