Experiencing blue lips? Beware of heart disease

6 Mistakes made by heart disease patients

Heart disease has long been known to be one of the top cause of death in the world. But do not worry, the disease can be prevented and it also has signs that can be detected early. Signs of someone...

These Seven Foods Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent breast cancer with these 3 steps!

Cancer can be suffered by anyone, male or female, young or old. Genetics is the main factor for cancer not to mention other main factors like carcinogen, and one of the most important, which is lifestyle.

Beware, Gonorrhea is becoming Drug-resistant and may not be Cured


Health officials in England, UK, had warned people that the Gonorrhea disease could now be drug-resistant, and is feared to be able to become ‘untreatable’. Not only will this cause concerns in the UK, but in the US as...

4 Tips to Overcome Sweaty Palms

Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms is something that is very disturbing and people do not like talking about it, especially if they have a problem with the condition.

Like to swim? Beware of this disease!

Like to swim, Beware of this disease

Stomach cramps, vomiting, irritation of the skin, and hair loss. Do you feel some of the above symptoms after swimming? If so, beware. It could be a symptom or Recreational Water Illness RWI. RWI is a disease caused by...

Not only triggers obesity, soda drinks also causes cancer

Not only triggers obesity, soda drinks also causes cancer

There have been many studies that associate drinking soft drinks with a higher risk of obesity. In addition to obesity, drinking soft drinks can also increase your risk of diabetes, leading to frequent fainting, and heart rate was stable....

Relieve headaches due to sinusitis with these 6 natural methods!

Practical ways to overcome headaches

Sinus headaches are usually caused by inflammation in the sinuses. This condition is commonly referred to as sinusitis, which is characterized by an unbearable pain in the sinus area. Healthy sinus mucus will facilitate and expedite the flow of...

Beware of these 7 early symptoms of stroke!


Stroke is an emergency health issue that must be addressed if you do not want to end in death or paralysis. But sometimes it is hard to recognize the signs of a stroke in a person. And to save...

Easily feel tired? Be careful of the possibility of cancer

Easily feel tired

Tiredness normally occurs when your body do a lot of activities without any pause for a break. Fatigue can also be a result of the tired brain because of thinking. The brain has the ability to decrease as much thought and...

Effects of Alcohol on Diabetics

Drinking alcohol can increase your energy

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which affects the functions of the body. Diabetes affects the production of insulin, a hormone that permits the body to process the glucose obtained from sustenance. There is no proof that liquor causes diabetes....

Differences Between Cancer Cells and Normal Body Cells

Cancer Cells

You’ve always defined a cell millions of times as the basic unit of a living organism, this means that it is the building block of a full organism. according to my own understanding; different cells of the same function...

Eating too much steak can cause cancer?

Eating too much steak can cause cancer

Steak or meat dish is indeed very tempting. Chew chunks of tender meat combined with fresh vegetables and a sauce that gives the sensation of savory course was very enjoyable. That is why there are so many people who...

Coffee can lower the risk of stroke

Coffee can lower the risk of stroke

Are you someone who regularly drink coffee every day? If yes, then this means that you have a lower risk of stroke.

Surprising reason why a lot of people suffer from cancer

Surprising reason why a lot of people suffer from cancer

Consumption of healthy foods, exercise regularly, diligently using sunscreen, avoid smoking, and others. All of it is given the various suggestions to avoid cancer. But is it all things to avoid it cause cancer? Recently, a study has revealed...

Diabetes Joint Pain Types and Its Treatment

Diabetes Joint Pain

Diabetes and joint torment are generally thought to be independent conditions. Joint agony may be a reaction to a disease, damage, or joint inflammation. Diabetes is developed due to the insufficient production of hormone, which influences glucose levels.

Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Acne Problem

Natural Acne Cure

Skin specialists are of the opinion that it is common for people in the age group of 11 to 30 years to get acne at least once. It can affect people of any age and race. It is more...

Cancer and Illness – How To Prevent It?

Do we sit around and wait until cancer or illness knocks on the door and deal with it than, or do we prevent it happening in the first place? From the medical site there’s always talk how to cure...