Plants that are Good for Skin Health

Stay beautiful and healthy with aloe vera

Another skin beauty health tips for you. Instant beauty is not always the best method in gaining the beauty looks you want. The chemicals in cosmetics also have adverse effects for the skin.

Let’s Do These Morning Rituals For a Healthy Day


Waking up early in the morning to resume doing daily activities is often a really difficult thing to do for many people, although it is probably the main health tips to start off your day.

Lose Weight by Hinging Out with Thin People


Here’s a new weight loss health tips for you. There is an easy method for you who are currently trying to lose weight. According to a recent study, people who are trying to lose weight should hang out more often...

Beware, These Are Drugs That Can Cause Weight Gain

Top 25 Foods to Help You Gain Weight

The major cause weight gain is due to overeating and lack of exercise but you should know that there are also some drugs that can cause weight gain. Yes this might sound unfamiliar for you, but there many other examples of...

Want to Try? This is the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet

Most of you of course would already have heard of the Mediterranean diet. Why is it called the Mediterranean diet? Well, this term was taken from the habitual way of people’s diet from countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

Know the health benefits of kissing

kissing can cause mononucleosis disease

Here we are again with another simple health tips for you! This may come as a surprise for many people, but in fact is that there are some well known health benefits of kissing. Kissing is a universal language and...

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Diet!


The desire to have a slim body is sometimes not matched by effort or hard work to make it happen yet many people want to lose weight without exercise or diet.

Should You Drink Warm Water or Cold Water in the Morning?


Should we drink warm or cold water when we wake up in the morning is still a question for most people to understand more about the reasons to drink water. Some articles suggest that drinking cold water can burn more...

6 Steps to Overcome Foot Swelling During Pregnancy

Foot Swelling During Pregnancy

Swollen legs is often  complaint by pregnant women (75% of pregnant women usually experience edema in the final trimester). Swelling that usually occurs in the legs and ankles usually begin to appear in the 8th month of pregnancy, but some women...

Difficult bowel movements? Drink plenty of warm water!

Drink plenty of warm water

Ritual defecation is important for the health of your body. For defecation be one way to remove the dirt that accumulates in the body and your digestive tract. So when you are hard bowel movements, then kacaulah your digestive...

Apparently, pollution can also make you fat

Apparently, pollution can also make you fat

Overweight and air pollution appears as two unrelated things. Obesity is correlated with diet and lifestyle, while pollution is associated with respiratory health and health problems such as asthma. But in fact, obesity and air pollution were all related....

Smoking actually triggers obesity!

Smoking actually triggers obesity

Many people eat less and choose to smoke to suppress appetite and maintain weight. This method is considered effective to prevent obesity and keep their body remains slim. Many studies also reveal that people who quit smoking typically will...

5 Steps to protect heart health

5 Steps to protect heart health

Heart disease is a dangerous disease which is the second killer worldwide. Therefore, maintaining heart health is an important step that must be done. There are several things you can do to protect heart health. Here are some healthy steps you...

Plant-based, the oldest diet in the world

Plant-based, the oldest diet in the world

Plant-based diet is currently a trend. A diet that is dominated by foods derived from plants is known super healthy as they can strengthen the antibodies, increasing the healthy bacteria in the gut, and supports cardiovascular health. If you...

Reduce fat by drinking wheatgrass juice

Reduce fat by drinking wheatgrass juice

Looking for an easy way to release the body fat and lose weight? You can consume nutrient-rich wheatgrass juice. Not only can help you lose weight, wheatgrass are rich in vitamins and minerals also offers a variety of health...

Anti-Aging Essentials

Anti-Aging Essentials

Even if you’ve never taken care of your skin, You should start it now. It’s not too late. Your skin starts to age when you are only in your late 20s, though you may not see it.

5 Tips to lose weight in 2015

5 Tips to lose weight in 2015

Trying to lose weight in the new year? Or maybe this is your resolution last year that still have not been successful? Do not give up! There are some tips that you can do to successfully lose weight in...